Why Do You Need Best Hip Hop Drum Samples & Drum Kits

Best Hip Hop Drum Samples

The rhythm is the basis (the foundation) for the feeling of a song in music. And so it is that your hip-hop drums give the instrumental the right structure.

Since Hip Hop Beats live mainly from the sound of the drums, the quality of the drum samples decides about victory or defeat!

While Dirty South uses somewhat more complex rhythms, many other styles come with relatively simple beats.

Again and again, I hear Hip Hop beats on soundcloud.com, youtube.com or soundclick.com, which are melodically very memorable and elaborated, but unfortunately not convince, because the drums sound too thin and energyless.

As a rule, the beats are designed for hip-hop in 4/4 time. Modern tracks often move between 80-110 BPM. In many of the different subgenres, drum patterns with 8, 16, 32 or 64 steps are repeated and varied little. Always keep a sample resolution of 24 bit.

At this point, there is no right and no wrong. It is about your personal taste and some experience in combining the drum kits.

Experiment with different sounds and let yourself be inspired. It is important that you use samples that sound clean and whose attack is clearly defined.

Do not take the presets from your workstation – they are often not only boring, they have also been used by many other producers.

You can add a special character to your beat when you record and use quality drum samples.

At Hex Loops website you can find enough drum material for your Hip Hop beats, all organized in folders for kick, snare, hi-hats, cymbals, etc. This will help you reduce the time and effort required to produce and search for suitable drum sounds.

So, it makes sense to work with high-quality drum kits from external sample packs from the beginning. I would like to introduce you to the following drum kits:

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$30.00 $15.00