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Strings Soundfonts includes over 500MB of strings and orchestral instruments available in SF2 format.

Using soundfonts can serve as an ideal point to learn about synthesis and sampling, and also they are a valuable resource for any producer’s audio arsenal.

Each of this string soundfonts contains one or more sampled string and orchestral audio Wav sample, which can be re-synthesized at different pitches and different dynamics levels.

Soundfonts libraries are generally regarded as a superior source of signal because many of the instruments were recorded using real instruments, processed near perfection.

Soundfonts (SF2) files can be used with any of next soft samplers: Audigy/SBLive, Reason NN-XT, Kontakt, Halion, EXS-24, Vsampler, Gigasampler, FL Studio’s Soundfont Player, SFX Sampler and many more others.

In total this pack includes 526MB of 97 string & orchestral soundfonts organized in specific folders as follows:

  • Live Strings – 10 soundfonts
  • Pizzicato Strings – 10 soundfonts
  • Solo Strings – 6 soundfonts
  • Synth Strings – 36 soundfonts
  • Unreal Strings – 15 soundfonts
  • Various Strings – 20 soundfonts

These string and orchestral sounds are perfectly suitable with any modern music genre such as EDM, Hip Hop, Trap, RnB, House, Pop, Pop-Rock, Dance etc. (mostly you can use them in any music genre and even in movie scores).

If you have not yet used Soundfonts instruments in your music production, read this article: What are Soundfonts and How To Use Soundfonts, that will explain you in more details what a SoundFont file is and how you can benefit from its quality.

“Sampling synthesizers are different. The SoundFont take a recorded sample and reuse it at different pitches and dynamic levels. The quality of sound depends here mainly on how many samples per instrument were recorded.”

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  1. Lucas Murilo

    Still using these soundfonts in my beats today! A good alternative to a more expensive synth

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A Soundfonts file (.SF2) is like a sample pack already mapped out across a samplers keys. It could be a synth, an instrument or drums etc. Basically, a Soundfonts is a virtual instrument that contain recorded audio samples of various musical instruments. You can use Soundfonts in any DAW with MIDI capability. If your music software does not natively support SF2 format, no problem, there are plenty soundfont players that ca be used alongside with your music software. Load it like any other Vst plugin, locate the soundfont and there you go! Read more:
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