FL Studio 12 Tutorial #4: The Instruments

FL Studio 12

Many people play instruments, but if you know the basics of music – virtually – you can play any instrument.

In the last tutorial, we have covered one of the essential parts in music – melody. Now, to convert your melody from ‘’rag to riches’’, equip yourself with a good VST line.

If your pockets are not that deep at the moment no get new plugins, don’t worry – FL Studio 12 is well-found with initial plug-ins, and that the good ones. Sawer, Toxic Biohazard, PoiZone etc. are all VST’s that come with tons of pre-made instruments.

As in the previous tutorial, you opened the FL Keys, now insert (or replace, by clicking replace instead of insert) one of those instruments.

For example – Sawer.

FL Studio SAWER Instrument

You can choose a pre-made sound in the upper-left part of the Sawer (photo).

FL Studio SAWER Instrument Plugin

Preview the sound by clicking on the note on a keyboard or simply pressing letters on your computer’s keyboard. Choose from Arps, Basses, Leads, Keyboards, Synths, FXS etc. Each kind of an instrument gives your beat a texture, so try and make a good ratio of them. You don’t have to use each kind, but to enrich your sound, add some bass and keyboards, maybe a lead on a refrain…

Just play around combining instruments, but do not forget to add a new one each time you want a different sound.

Making your own instrument is a clock-work. All those knobs have their particular purpose. The best way to learn them and what they mean is to try them yourself. Change pitch with transpose, pan the channels with the panning, scale the volume with the leveler etc. Not every VST has the same interface to use, so they all don’t have the same tweaks and settings.

If you make a sound that you like, you can save the preset by clicking the setting arrow on the window of the instrument you are using (upper-left corner) and click on a Save the Preset. It will be located in the browser in the Sawer (or any other instrument) folder. Or in the same setting menu under the ‘’presets’’.

After you have created another melody with the newly chosen instrument, you can add it to the ‘’Playlist’’ with other patterns.

You can even use a ‘’Plugin Picker’’ from the ‘’Navigation Panel’’ or by clicking the F8 on your keyboard. It will enlist and picture your VST’s in one place.

FL Studio Plugin Picker

And as always a piece of advice at the end of the article.

Instruments you use to create a certain genre are all appropriate for any style of music. Choose what you like and how you like it, music is all about expanding our aspects on culture and arts.

Be different in your music making. There is no wrong or right way to do it, any way you choose is the right way as long as it has a purpose and an aim!