How To Use MIDI Files Tutorial

Many music producers do not know or understand what you can do using MIDI files. I think that’s a pretty big mistake considering multiple possibilities of usability, flexibility and what you can do with MIDIs.

The simplest definition that we can give is that the MIDI files are the signals (notes) that they don’t have sound by themselves. But they can be transformed in sound by using a second program specially designed to produce sounds using MIDI files. This music software can receive the MIDI note and produce the sound that we are looking for.

And from here goes everything, we can create guitar sounds, piano sounds, bass sounds even drums and many many more. All depends by what instrument software is used. This “instrument software” are mostly VST plugins, for Windows users or Audio Units for MAC users. YUP! Those plugins that you have already seen in your making music program, be it Ableton Live, FL Studio, Logic Pro, Reason or another.

And if you think do not have enough plugins, there are countless websites that can offer you the professional virtual instrument you’re looking for. Here are some of the most popular company that develops and markets such programs: Arturia, Antares, Cableguys, D16 Group, iZotope, Rob Papen, Sinevibes and many more. On you can get hundred of plugins, free or commercial so check it!

Back to MIDI files…

Bellow is an example on how we used a MIDI file to render some sounds, also we have prepared for you a collection of 10 free MIDI loops.

So, we are in FL Studio, tempo 120 (EDM, House etc.) and as instrument we add the Blue II synth created by Rob Papen with a bass preset.

Here is how it looks in Piano Roll…
FL Studio MIDI Tutorial

…and here is how its sound:

…the same MIDI pattern but with a piano preset:

…after some small note changes and using an arp preset:

As we said above we have prepared for you a collection of 10 free midi loops, here is the download.


This MIDIs was designed for EDM, Dance, House, but change the tempo to 90bpm, insert a classic piano or a guitar and here you have a new sound line for a new Hip Hop beat. The possibilities are endless.!

The best part of using midi files is that you don’t really need to own a keyboard. You can use your mouse to “draw” the notes in the editor and create new sound lines. But if you already own a MIDI keyboard, then it becomes even more fun, you can add directly some effects, volumes etc.

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Hope you are curious and interested in how to use and what you can create using MIDI files.

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