Making Hip Hop Beats: Sampling or Composing?

Making Hip Hop Beats: Sampling or Composing

There are many myths and legends around the subject of copyright infringement during sampling.

You’ve often met phrases like “You can only sample one tone sequence to 8 notes” or “Everything under 2 seconds is allowed during sampling”.

The fact is, sampling has been an integral part of the genre since the beginnings of hip hop. Producers such as Dr. Dre and Timbaland have a huge impact on Hip Hop Beat Producing, which covers everything from soul to oriental music.

The reason for this is usually not a lack of creativity, but the chance to create an unmistakable, new sound from “old sound finds”. This sound is difficult to reach with instruments that are self-taught.

Whether this is a copyright infringement is always a case-by-case decision and depends on whether the sample used in the song “recognizable” is part of the original.

As a Beat producer there are 4 options:

Option 1: You could use samples with recognizable parts and take care of a sample clearing, agreeing to a copyright agreement for the use of the samples with the authors.
Option 2: You could use samples with recognizable parts and do not worry about a sampling clearing, resulting in a copyright infringement. The trouble comes by itself when the song is successful!
Option 3: You could use short samples that you edited, edited, and edited so that nobody (not even the originator) could close the original. No plaintiff, no judge!
Option 4: You do not use samples, compose all the melodies yourself, play them, or play non-recognizable samples with your own instruments.

Use a pitch, some reverb in order to give the samples their own rhythm. Over time, each producer is developing their own creative sampling process.

For a separate bass track, it is often necessary to filter out the bass of the samples completely with an equalizer.

If you want to compose and play your own melodies, you should take care that your instruments have a natural attack dynamics. Pianos and strings often appear very artificial when each note is “clicked” with 100% attack in the DAW.

At Hex Loops we have already prepared for the producers a collection of over 800 chopped samples for sampling beats, the work of over 3 years of musical production.

We have chosen only the best portions that can be used to create a beat – all samples are ready to cut, chop, pitch etc.

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Samples for Sampling Hip Hop Beats


CHOPPED SAMPLES is a collection that includes over 800 old music samples, funk breaks, gathered by Hex Loops team from rare vinyl records, perfectly suitable to be used in making Hip Hop beats in the classic old school style, in your DAW or using your favorite sampler, like the MPC.

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