What should I use? FL Studio 32-bit or 64-bit?

Fl Studio 32-bit or 64-bit

Which version should work best with a 64-bit PC? FL Studio in the 32-bit version or rather with the 64-bit version?

Furthermore, which plugin versions should you use? Mainly 32-bit versions no matter whether you use a 64-bit FL-Studio version?

The fundamental difference between x86 (32bit) and x64 (64-bitl) is how much RAM can be addressed by the system. In the plaintext means that the “64bit” can use more RAM.

The RAM is, however, a so-called volatile memory and is primarily used for the intermediate storage or the preliminary calculation.

What this is now in detail for things that access the RAM stands on another sheet.

In FL Studio, 64Bit actually makes sense only if you work with or even generate data that is larger than 3 GB of RAM.

Speed does not bring you the size of the RAM. The reason is, that your system recognizes that you have no more RAM over and uses for further storage your hard drive (somewhere it must be there).

Of course (no SSD meant) is slower than your RAM. Therefore, “problems” arise with “programs”. If your speed of your disk is too slow.

There are still many, very good 32-bit plugins, which however no longer appear on 64 bit. So it would be a pity if you can not use them anymore.

My suggestion: You should drive several tracks. When I run mastering, I do this for example. In a separate 32-bit project because I use many free 32-bit plugins that are unrivaled.

For the same quality in 64-bit form, I would have to dig deep into the pocket and invest hundreds of euros. You’ll need a processor that runs in 64-bit, also the operating system to be also in 64-bit version (like Windows 10 64-bit).

Also, a master project itself does not use more than 3 GB of RAM memory, even in master mastering and with several Wav tracks.

When it comes to music production in FL Studio, however, it depends on how your music is produced, whether 64 bits is useful for you.

If you use many, large orchestral libraries it becomes tight with 32 bits. But if you are mainly working with digital synthesizers and romplers such as Nexus, 32 bits can still be quite sufficient.
So you should first think about what you want to do.

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