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Phonk Drummer

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Phonk Drummer – Phonk Drum Kit by Hex Loops is an essential drum sample pack delivers the unique and gritty sound signature of phonk music, blending Southern hip-hop influences with lo-fi, Memphis rap vibes. Over 1600 samples are included!

GENRE: Phonk Rap Hip-Hop Lo-Fi Trap Drill

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Phonk producers understand the importance of authenticity and grit in their sound. With “Phonk Drummer,” you’re not just getting a drum kit; you’re investing in a production tool carefully curated to reflect the true spirit of phonk music.

From the menacing growl of the 808s to the crisp snap of the snares, each element has been selected to offer producers the ultimate toolkit for creating tracks that resonate with the soul of Southern hip-hop and lo-fi Memphis beats.

This phonk drum kit includes over 1600 WAV high-quality drum sounds, such as deep Subs and 808s, punchy Kicks and snares, unique Percs and chants, a full range of Cymbals and hi-hats (both Open and closed), Rides and crashes, and energetic Drum Fills.

Phonk music often features crisp, punchy drums with a lo-fi edge, so experiment with layering different kick and snare samples to achieve the desired effect. The included drum and hi-hat rolls can add dynamic transitions and energize your rhythms.

Phonk tracks typically have complex hi-hat patterns that drive the groove, so don’t hesitate to layer different hi-hat samples or play with their velocities to add interest and bounce. Sprinkle your tracks with the included FX & sound effects to create a mood or build tension.

The riser FX sounds are helpful for transitions or building up to a drop. Don’t be afraid to mix and match different samples until you find a combination that speaks to your artistic vision.

Including 55 full drum loops provides immediate inspiration for your projects. Whether facing writer’s block or starting out a new phonk beat, these loops can spark creative ideas and set the direction for your entire track.

The royalty-free nature of this phonk drum kit liberates you to explore and create without the worry of sample clearance, allowing your creativity to flourish unbounded with no future costs.

“Phonk Drummer” by Hex Loops is essential to your production arsenal. It provides the right tools to create authentic, compelling phonk tracks that stand out in the crowded landscape of modern music production.

Note: This sample pack includes mainly only the one-shot drum samples, plus a bonus pack of 55 phonk full drum loops. No melodies, or instrument samples or loops are included!


  • 40 x Phonk 808 Samples
  • 148 x Phonk Bass Samples
  • 32 x Phonk Sub Bass Samples
  • 38 x Phonk Clap Samples
  • 30 x Phonk Closed Hi-Hat Samples
  • 64 x Phonk Crash Samples
  • 14 x Phonk Cymbal Samples
  • 19 x Phonk Drum Rolls
  • 219 x FX & Sounds Effects
  • 4 x Phonk Hi-Hat Rolls
  • 60 x Phonk Hi-Hat Samples
  • 287 x Phonk Kick Samples
  • 14 x Phonk Layered Snares
  • 45 x Phonk Lo-Fi Snares
  • 219 x Phonk Metalic Snares
  • 21 x Phonk Vinyl Snares
  • 59 x Phonk Open Hats
  • 84 x Phonk Percussion Samples
  • 17 x Phonk Rides Samples
  • 11 x Phink Riser FX Sounds
  • 20 x Phink Snare & Claps
  • 239 x Phonk Snare Samples
  • Bonus 55 x Full Drum Loops (95 bpm)
  • 24-Bit WAV Format (Mono)
  • 100% Royalty-Free Samples

4 reviews for Phonk Drummer

  1. ace smith 88

    the 808s, snares, and percussions are the best so far I have!

  2. Art Vallo

    This is one of the best sample packs out there

  3. Lazy Queen

    This pack has become a staple in my sound library!

  4. ronald peco

    the lo-fi snares and deep bass samples are exactly what I needed, thx

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Seamless Integration

All the audio loops and samples come in universally accepted formats including WAV, MIDI, and AIFF, making it effortless to drag and drop them directly into any DAW like Ableton Live, FL Studio, Logic Pro, Studio One, Pro Tools, Cubase, Reason, Bitwig Studio, Reaper, and more.

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